Apply and thrive at University Abroad.

We support International students from the application to the graduation day and beyond, ensuring student satisfaction is as high as it can be.


A full range of options for your Undergraduate Degree, including foundation years, fast-track courses and more.
Postgraduate programmes for International students including pre-masters and placement options.


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We are not an "agency", we are not "tutors".
We are your travel companions.

A Studey mentor always by your side, a community of international students. We have a mission: to help other International students live this journey together. Not just in the application, but in making sure your experience meets your ambitions.

What we do

We support our student from the first approach to the idea of studying abroad to the very graduation day. Studey is built by International students who know perfectly what it means to live this life-changing experience. Together with the experience of 100+ International students we will support you in your journey and ensure peace of mind.
Course and University selection
Accommodation support
Ongoing support after enrolment
Passionate Student Success team
Let’s start your adventure
Studey is a community created by International students. In the last 5 years we supported students from around the world to access UK Universities. Let’s start your adventure.

A dedicated Student-success team

Our team consistently assesses the essential factors influencing our students’ well-being and satisfaction. We are committed to addressing the challenges you face throughout your university journey by offering tailored solutions for your unique circumstances and collaborating with your university to ensure a smooth and fulfilling experience.


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We are a young and growing team united by one mission: making every International student story a successful one.