We were two Italian students in the UK

The idea came from Andrea and Tina, while they were attending university in Oxford together and both had to overcome bureaucracy and uncertainties before starting their course. They asked themselves: what if enrolling at a university in the UK was so simple that you just fill out a couple of online forms? Now it’s reality. 

A few years later, we are proud to say that hundreds of students have secured a place at university in the UK without thinking about red tape and each with a Studey dedicated adviser.

Tina and Andrea, 2019

A team made of students

Our team is made up exclusively of students and alumni in the UK. This is why you are on the safe side with us, because we know perfectly what it means to be in your place, we have all been there.

We grew up fast

We have been a UCAS registered center since 2019 and work closely with UK universities. Our support services give you access to over 150 universities in the UK.

No bureaucracy, no boring consultancy

We have decided to stand out from the crowd. Old-fashioned agencies are not for us, nor for the hundreds of students we support each year: Our services are totally digital and chat-friendly. Goodbye bureaucracy and boring consultancy in short. We know that our students have a goal, ours is to do everything possible to make it happen. And remove all unnecessary distractions.

We are qualified

Our advisers are international alumni, have completed British Council training courses for international student orientation, as well as being UCAS agents recognized by UK universities.