The application process

The application process consists of a series of bureaucratic and formal steps that must be completed correctly. The process varies in many aspects depending on the course, program chosen and sometimes also depending on your personal details such as the country of origin, nationality and citizenship, age and personal and work experience.

The process

Studey has created a standardized process to make the process simple, and is an official agent working closely with Oxford Brookes admission team.

The simplified process will be completely guided by a Studey adviser who will take care of requesting all the information necessary for enrolment, and will guide you in understanding and obtaining the requirements required by the university and the specific course of interest, also helping you in the exploration of the different alternatives and options for your study path.

Studey will also assist you in all paperwork that is not directly related to the university, such as obtaining a visa, registering with the doctor, opening a bank account and providing various information for students looking for a job to contribute to the cost of the studies.

Our partners

  • British Council

Chose your course

Together with your Studey adviser, analyze the most suitable courses for you. We will offer you a list of courses that reflect your ambitions and a interests.

Collect docs

We will need some documents for your application. We'll request you what we need. Your adviser will get in touch if there is any issue.

Fill the forms

We will send you forms to fill out directly online. Your Studey adviser will make sure all necessary documents are sent correctly.

Receive an offer

The Studey team will monitor your enrollment directly with the university. You will only have to think about achieving the requirements.


Each step towards your first day at university will be monitored by a studey adviser who will be directly responsible for the entire process and will ensure that the enrollment and all formal steps are completed correctly. Below are just some of the steps that will be fully taken care of by our team.

General advice and course choice Guide and mentoring in choosing the course that suits you best. Your adviser will discuss the options with you.
UCAS Application Your adviser will take care of completing the formal application on your behalf, making sure everything is in order.
Application review and submission The Studey team will take care of reviewing the files and documents to be sent, making sure that everything is sent respecting deadlines and requirements.
Support throughout the process on WhatsApp Your adviser will always be available at all stages and available to support you via WhatsApp.
Accommodation advice Your adviser will help and guide you in choosing the accommodation in line with your preferences and budget
Student VISA support You will be assisted in obtaining a visa where necessary, ensuring that the files are submitted correctly
Personal statement proofreading Your personal advisor will be read and corrected by the Studey team to make sure it is flawless, increasing the chances of obtaining an offer.
Pre-arrival support and post-arrival support Studey will support you in the pre-departure preparations and will remain as a reference for any problems you may encounter once you arrive. We want everything to be perfect.
Applicants with Studey receive at least one offer
Studey applicants said they wouldn't have made it without Studey support
Students satisfied with Studey support
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"Studey support made my application process super easy. It's unbelievable it was completely free."

Angela D.
International Hospitality
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"I was overwhelmed by all the bureaucracy, Studey made my application a seamless process"

Sofia S.
Criminology and Sociology
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"Initially it seemed like an impossible undertaking but thanks to them I changed my opinion!"

Salvatore I.
Business and Managent

Frequently asked questions

Undergraduate courses

Usually, the first deadline for bachelor's degree applications is January 15th for graduation starting in September. However, it is possible to apply until June 30th. After this date, it will be still possible to apply through the "clearing" process.

Postgraduate courses

There isn't a specific deadline for postgraduate applications. It is usually possible to apply at any time of the year.

The Studey application support is totally free. The explanation for this is that we are paid by Oxford Brookes to support international students. No need to worry, we won't ever charge anything for this.

Yep. Studey is an official Oxford Brookes agent and UCAS center. Moreover, the Studey team has been trained by British Council on advising international students coming into the UK and in assisting our students in the obtainment of student VISA.

Yes. This is because we work closely with the admission team of Oxford Brookes so we can ensure your application and personal statement are perfect, increasing your chances of receiving an offer.

The cost may vary depending of the course. But it usually is around 12,000£ to 15,000£.

Scholarships: If Oxford Brookes is your firm choice we will ensure you will receive a scholarship of 12,000£ (4,000£ per year).