How to choose the course – our method

How to choose the course – our method

Choosing the course and university to apply for is an important, fateful step. It’s a moment in which you realize that’s you who’s able to decide how to shape your future. It’s a moment that should excite, motivate, and inspire you because today you have all the tools and skills to choose and build the life of your dreams. You have probably already consulted dozens of sites that list the best universities and courses in the field in which you want to study. But there’s no question that these can create more confusion than clarity.

Not sure what to choose?

The choice is yours and you need to take your time to make the right decision for yourself. To start clearing your head, try to answer these three questions and see what you can deduce:
  • Do I want to transform my passion into my job?
  • What do I absolutely not want to do in the future?
  • Where do I imagine myself in ten years?

The eduCoaching method

Continue with the practical and innovative eduCoaching method:
  1. Awareness – first step: who can support me in this new path? What have I liked and/or disliked about the school experience so far?
  2. Know who you are – the second step: in order to decide we need to know what our preferences are. Ask yourself: what are my values? What is important to me? What are my skills (academic, extracurricular, and interpersonal)? What are my interests (academic and otherwise)? In this way, you will be less influenced by external agents or, worse, by other people; put yourself first and think that at the center of your life there is no one other than yourself.
  3. Motivation – third step: the choices you have made and you will make won’t always be easy. For this reason, you must always have in mind why you are doing a certain thing, what drives you to choose one thing over another, analyze the real motivations and understand if these are consistent with who you are and what you want to do.

Compare universities and courses

There’re parameters that make it possible to evaluate universities and courses, considering different factors and data. Play a game: take a university – it doesn’t matter whether it is your final choice or not – and write on paper all the indexes you find below. Then, fill in the fields with the data you find online about the university or course you have taken into consideration and then evaluate the results obtained.
  • Ranking: where does the university in question rank with respect to the world ranking of universities?
  • Student satisfaction: how satisfied are the students who are attending or have attended this university?
  • Employment ranking: how many students have found work after attending the university and the course in question?
  • Teaching method: how is taught in class? What are the times? Are they theoretical or practical lessons? What is the academic calendar?
  • Internationality: is the university in question internationally recognized?
  • Facilities: what does the university offer from the point of view of buildings, spaces, laboratories, housing, etc.?
  • City or campus: where is the university located? Is it in a big city? In a small village? Is it easy to move to the location where the university is located? Is the campus centralized or located in several areas, not too close to each other?
  • Dorms: what type of accommodation does it offer?
  • Admission requirements: what are the selection criteria to be met? Do you already know if you can satisfy them?

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Whether you made a decision or are still unsure about your future at university, we can help : from course and university choice, to the full application process, Student VISA support and much more.

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