Our company

We are a student-centred company. We support International students to thrive at university.

Our Mission

At Studey, we are dedicated to empowering international students from across the globe to access and excel in international education. Our goal is to ensure that every student gets the most from their university journey abroad.

Founded by international students who understand firsthand the challenges faced by those from diverse cultural, social, and educational backgrounds, our mission is to translate our knowledge and experience into comprehensive and ongoing support throughout the entire educational journey, not just during the application phase.

As a student-centric company, we prioritize the needs of our students in every policy, process, and piece of advice we offer. We work tirelessly to ensure that our interests and the interests of our students never conflict. To achieve this, we collaborate with partners and stakeholders and maintain open communication about our values and student-centered approach.

Thanks to our dedication to student success, our students are among the most engaged in our partner institutions, boasting the highest rates of retention and satisfaction.

Studey Pillars

Our objective is to guarantee the utmost satisfaction for every student throughout their educational journey. We recognize that the satisfaction of international students extends beyond academics and is significantly influenced by various factors. To address these crucial aspects, we focus on the following key areas:

  • Integration: Fostering social and cultural connections, helping students adapt and thrive in their new environment.
  • Financial & Career Stability: Providing guidance on maintaining financial health and pursuing meaningful career opportunities.
  • Academic & Personal Growth: Encouraging academic rigor and inspiring personal development, passion, and purpose.

Our Story

Studey was founded in 2019 by Tina Poletto and Andrea Nicassio, two Italian students studying in the UK. As international students themselves, they encountered numerous challenges throughout the application process and their university journey. After connecting with other students, they discovered that these difficulties were common among international students due to cultural and educational differences. However, finding the right support or even understanding what support was available was often a struggle. They noticed that those who integrated and engaged better often had close relationships with locals or received external help and support beyond the university environment.

Motivated by these experiences, Tina and Andrea began working on Studey. Since then, the results have been extraordinary. Our students are the most engaged, boasting the highest rate of retention among any other agency in our partner universities.

These success stories highlighted the need for support specifically tailored to international students, which is distinctly different from the support required by local students. Studey continues to focus on providing this essential guidance, ensuring the satisfaction and success of international students worldwide.

Studey was founded
Studey was founded with the aim to support Italian students to apply to UK Universities.
First partner: Oxford Brookes University
Our very first partnership with a University. They recognised our motivation.
Our first intakes
Our first students enroll to UK universities. For the first time Studey realise the dream of about ten students.
We became a UCAS Agent
We became an officially recognised UCAS Agency
New destination: Republic of Ireland
Studey expand to support Italian students to apply to Irish universities.
Milestone: Our first 100 students
At this point we reached our first 100 students we supported so far.
New destination: the Netherlands
Studey expand to support Italian students to apply to Dutch universities.
Studey goes global
We started supporting students from all over the world to pursue an international education.
New mission
Our mission became to support current international students to thrive at university, not just to enroll.
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March 2020
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December 2021
January 2022
January 2023

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We are a young and growing team united by one mission: making every International student story a successful one.