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Register for our free Arrival at Uni support. We work with UK Universities to ensure your enrolment goes seamlessly. Join for free to gain access to our Pre-arrival webinars, dedicated support chat with our University advisors and more perks.

You have until the 29th of June to register

Partner of 150+ institutions in the UK

You have until 29th of June to register for Studey Arrival Support

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Register for Arrival Support

At Studey, you’ll receive comprehensive support for your university journey. You’ll have a dedicated adviser who understands your challenges as an international student. We maintain direct university links to facilitate your enrolment. With us, you’re part of a community that has walked your path and is here to guide you.

This means you won’t need to pay for access your dedicated University adviser or to enjoy our perks.

Our Arrival Webinars have been created on the experience of hundreds of International students, so we know these webinars are essentials.

A Studey advisor will be available to chat with you whenever you need assistance in your transition to University.

Your advisor will be able to assist you and check whether you’ve completed your VISA Application correctly.

All of our students will get the official hoodie of their University, delivered straight to your accommodation in September

Get another international student to register for Studey Arrival support by the 29th of June and get a £100 Amazon voucher (subject to student eligibility and successful enrolment).

We want to make every International Student the most enthusiastic and satisfied student.

Drawing on the experience of hundreds of students in our network, we’ve built an ecosystem to ensure student success. We provide ongoing and comprehensive support to International Students to ensure that the enthusiasm and satisfaction of our students is as high as it can be.

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We are a young and growing team united by one mission: making every International student story a successful one.