Get a £200 Amazon voucher for each applicant you refer to Studey

Do you know someone applying to Oxford Brookes? Refer them to us, if they accept our free support services you will get an amazon voucher of the value of £200.

How it works

If you know someone who is a current applicant or is interested in studying at Oxford Brookes University, refer them to us and you will receive a £200 Amazon voucher for each student once their enrolment to uni is confirmed. They will receive our pre-arrival and first-year support for free.

* The offer is valid only if the student referred has not applied to Brookes with an agent

We want to make every International Student the most enthusiastic and satisfied student.

Drawing on the experience of hundreds of students in our network, we’ve built an ecosystem to ensure student success. We provide ongoing and comprehensive support to International Students to ensure that the enthusiasm and satisfaction of our students is as high as it can be.

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We are a young and growing team united by one mission: making every International student story a successful one.