Yassir Nini

Good support during all application, always friendly and supportive for every request, for every question they had an answer and if they don’t believe me they will find out to give you a response.
Best team for every university in Uk, still now, after first semester, for every question are ready to help me, i really suggest them for applications, they will be by your side till your enrolment and after that are still with you to be sure that is everything ok.
Nice Team!!

Linda Albertini

this experience changes your life. Tina with Studey allowed me to do all the practices in an orderly way and to be able to achieve my dream. leaving for abroad allows you to have completely different culture, goals and purposes. Studey has helped me in all the steps and has always shown availability and professionalism in all needs, from personal to legal ones.

Francesca Del Gatto

My entire life I had the dream of studying in the UK, but when the time to fill out applications came, I found myself completely overwhelmed with information. Not knowing how to go through the process alone, I decided to reach out to Studey, who guided me the entire time and helped me to ease the stress a bit. Thanks to their help, I was able to get into my dream university.

Romina Nurra

Taking such a big step is very difficult, but Studey makes the process way easier. It has been such a pleasure having them by my side, but what makes them such a great organization is their availability and kindness.

Alvise Pagan

When I thought of going to study in Ireland I had an unknown path ahead of me and I was very doubtful of being able to achieve my goals.
Tina and the Studey staff followed me step by step giving me tools and providing all the answers to my questions.
I thank them very much for their tact and courtesy and above all for having followed me without creating anxiety and pressure. Truly a peaceful journey.
I wish everyone to make their dreams come true!