Course Shortlist

Studey’s Course Shortlist add-on offers a strategic solution to choosing from an array of courses. Tailored to your unique profile, lifestyle, aptitude, and academic goals, we provide a customized shortlist and compile a detailed spreadsheet with crucial course information. This pragmatic approach ensures a personalized course selection without the overwhelm.

Individual Orientation Coaching

Studey’s Orientation Coaching add-on empowers students with a comprehensive understanding of their course options through individualized sessions, a self-discovery questionnaire, and insightful homework. Expert insights, personalized recommendations, and deep exploration of values and interests guide students towards decisions aligning with their passions, strengths, and aspirations.

Bi-weekly Progress Meetings

Studey’s Individual Calls add-on enriches your support experience through bi-weekly, personalized sessions with your dedicated advisor. Open to parental participation, these calls provide an inclusive, tailored guidance platform for progress discussions and doubt clarification, encouraging informed decisions throughout your educational journey.

WhatsApp Priority Support

Studey’s WhatsApp Support add-on provides real-time guidance to students, ensuring rapid responses within 3 hours during working hours. Whether through text or voice messages, we provide timely assistance, empowering students in their decision-making process, and maintaining their academic momentum.

Fully Managed Application

The Fully Managed Application dd-on simplifies the university application process for students by managing the whole application process for the student including communication with universities and punctually submitting data on their behalf. Our efficient system saves valuable time, allowing students to focus on their academic goals while ensuring each detail is accurately managed, offering a smooth and hassle-free application experience.

Application Portal Support

Studey offers comprehensive support for international students aiming to study in the UK, guiding them through every aspect of the application process. From gathering necessary documents and filling out the application, to crafting compelling personal statements and managing references, we ensure an organized and strong application that stands out amongst the rest.

Post-Application Resources

Studey’s comprehensive post-application support assists international students in making a smooth transition into the educational system. From addressing accommodation needs, studying methods, grading systems, and cultural shock to providing a post-arrival checklist, job search help, enrollment support, and digital tool proficiency, we ensure students’ study-abroad experience is enriched and transformative.

Regular check-ins

Studey’s regular check-ins aid the application journey by facilitating chats with expert advisors, connecting with current students, and ensuring streamlined application processes. Strengthened by peer-to-peer interaction and progress tracking, our approach empowers students, ensuring they thrive and achieve their academic goals abroad.

IELTS Exam Guidance

Studey’s comprehensive IELTS support facilitates students’ success in their educational journey. By providing targeted strategy videos, extensive resources and a smooth booking process, we empower students to overcome language barriers, achieve high scores, and thrive in their academic pursuits in English-speaking countries.

Application submission Review​

Studey’s application review support offers comprehensive assistance to international students throughout their educational journey. From understanding university offers and decoding emails, to navigating document uploads and making firm and insurance choices, we oversee every step. Ensuring ongoing query resolution, we aim to make students’ international education pursuit enriching, fulfilling, and stress-free.