VISA – enter the UK as a Student

VISA – enter the UK as a Student

All students who will move to the UK to attend a Bachelor’s or Masters’s degree must apply for a “student visa.”

With Brexit happening, the UK has left the European Union. European citizens wishing to study in the UK are now considered “international students,” just like Americans, Canadians, Indians, Nigerians, etc.


To apply

The procedures for applying for a visa can be long and complicated if done quickly and with little attention. All documents and forms must be carefully completed and submitted through the British government website.

To send the VISA application, you need to have two documents:

  • A passport (identity cards aren’t valid);
  • A document certifying admission to the university.

To admit you, the university will send you an “unconditional offer,” or an offer in which they inform you that your application was worthy of a place in the course you have chosen.

Admission to the university is not something you know right after sending the application. Indeed it can even arrive a month /a month and a half before classes start.

The time between communicating the admission and sending the visa application is often tight and doesn’t allow a second attempt if the first application is not successful.


Technical information

The student visa is valid for an average of three/four years and is subject to a fee. Yes, this document has a price that varies according to its duration. The student visa has a semi-fixed term, and the cost is around £350 to pay when applying.

In addition to filling in the visa forms, there’re several other procedures to complete to apply for the visa. One of these is health insurance, called “healthcare surcharge.” Its costs may vary depending on your stay in the UK; for instance, an undergraduate student will pay about £470 in total because his visa lasts 3/4 years.

Filling out the forms, submitting/sending documents, and checking out will be done entirely online, so make sure you have a good internet connection and a prepaid or debit card to use.

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