Pre-enrolment support and checks for LSBU Applicants

Start your journey with access to a wealth of resources, webinars, 1 to 1 mentoring sessions to prepare for enrolment and much more.

Studey is an official partner of London South Bank University

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You sent your application. What's next?

Studey partners with London South Bank University to provide pre-enrolment support to every international student. The support is funded by the University and it’s already included in your tuition fees.
A mentor by your side

Live your experience to the fullest, with a dedicated mentor ensuring you achieve the utmost through to your first year and beyond.


1 to 1 session with mentors
A free session designed to answer any uncertainty you might face before starting your journey.
Advice throughout your first year

Your advisor will be available to assist you throughout your whole first year, to support your goals and satisfaction at university.

Pre-enrolment checklist

Your pre-enrolment phase will be monitored by our advisors, and you will get access to resources for the steps you need to complete to enrol successfully. 

Guides and Courses
A selection of videos from International advisor will guide you through every piece of useful information to prepare you.

Mentor team

Tina Poletto
Mentor & University Coach

Tina is the co-founder of Studey, she is a former International student in the UK and has helped hundreds of International student. She has a Degree in Positive Psychology and a diploma in Education Coaching.

Dilyan Kanchev
East Europe Advisor
Dilyan has worked in International Education in the last 8 years and has helped students from all across the globe to realise their study abroad dream. 

“Meeting ambitious students and discussing their academic and career aspirations makes me excited and motivates me professionally. Having been an international student in the UK myself, I am aware that making the first steps could be challenging as there are many important choices to make.”
Federica Lattanzio
Spain, France and Italy Advisor
Drawing from her journey as an international student in the UK, Federica is committed to providing personalized guidance, ensuring that each student finds the best university fit and achieves their goals. With a career spanning from 2017 to the present, she showcases a passion for fostering connections within the Business Development world and Tutoring.
Italy and Portugal Advisor
Chiara is a seasoned global explorer. Since 2018, she’s been dedicated to guiding international students, drawing from her own challenges as a global learner. In her career, Chiara excels in Tutoring and Languages, passionately helping students find their ideal university fit. With experiences in five countries across two continents, her story is a testament to the transformative power of education and cross-cultural experiences, making Chiara a beacon for those seeking guidance in their international education journey.

Free for all International Students

Studey Post-Application support is fully funded by UK Universities and already included in your tuition fees.
Full first-year support
Your Studey mentor will be available to chat throughout your first full year, included in the free support.
South Bank official international gateway
South Bank partners with Studey to support and assist International students in the transition to University.

Studey is part of the UK Agent Quality Framework

All our mentors are British Council-trained and are certified counsellors in the UK Agent Quality Framework.

Included webinars

How to make your firm choice
Complete your VISA Application
Find a part-time job
Managing cultural shock
Student Life in the UK
Complete your enrolment
Send documentation to Uni
Study method

Register for Studey Post-Application

Studey Post-Application support is fully funded by UK Universities and already included in your tuition fees.
Step 1

Complete the Registration form at the bottom of this page with your details matching your University application.

Step 2
Sign Declaration
We’ll send you an agent declaration form to sign, we need this to confirm your application with university, confirm to your university that you are receining free support to us. This ensure the support costs are covered, so you don’t have to pay.
Step 3
Meet your mentor
A one to one session with an expert advisor to guide you through all the steps to successfully complete your pre-enrolment journey. Your first session is included, although you will be offered to do more sessions for a fee (this is optional).

We are not an "agency", we are not "tutors".
We are your travel companions.

A Studey mentor always by your side, a community of international students. We have a mission: to help other International students live this journey together. Not just in the application, but in making sure your experience meets your ambitions.


Complete the form with your information to match your Application record. A Studey advisor will get in touch in no time to assist with your pre-enrolment.
You can find this in email correspondences from UCAS. If you applied to university directly, this might be referred to as “Application ID” or “Applicant ID”.