Foundation in Business

Foundation course

Key facts

Start dates

September 2023 / September 2024

Course length

Full time: 1-year foundation course leading to 3-year undergraduate degree (or 4-year undergraduate degree if it involves a work placement or you take a study abroad year)




Oxford Brookes Business School


This course is designed for students from a range of educational backgrounds who need an additional year of study prior to their undergraduate degree. You should take this course if any of the following apply to you:

  • You haven’t met the entry requirements for direct entry on to the first year of a degree
  • You have less than 13 years of schooling
  • You need to improve your academic skills to join an undergraduate course

The course is classed as an integral part of a 4-year degree, and takes place before the first year of your chosen degree. After your total four years of study (five if you take a work placement) you will graduate with a BA or BSc (Hons) combined degree in the same way as your classmates on your specific degree.

This foundation course can be tied with a range of our excellent degrees in subject areas such as business and management, accounting and finance, marketing, or hospitality (see ‘Progression and degree options’ below).

Specific entry requirements

Applicants without the appropriate Maths GCSE grade (or equivalent), who wish to progress to a course that requires Maths GCSE (or equivalent), will need to take the compulsory Maths and Statistics module within the foundation year.