Ongoing support to help you thrive at University abroad

Our dedicated team of advisers and former international students are here to provide personalized guidance, resources, and encouragement throughout your entire academic experience. From helping you settle into your new environment and navigating cultural adjustments to supporting your academic progress and enhancing social connections, Studey is with you every step of the way. Let us empower you to make the most of your university life abroad and transform your aspirations into achievements.

Our students are the most engaged.

We support our student from the first approach to the idea of studying abroad to the very graduation day. Studey is built by International students who know perfectly what it means to live this life-changing experience. 

A dedicated Student-success team

Our team will monitor regularly the key factors impacting International students’ well-being and satisfaction. Our aim is to address the challenges you encounter during your time at University by providing customised solutions to your unique situation and also by liaising with your University.

At Studey, we believe in providing ongoing support and nurturing long-term relationships with our students. To ensure your well-being and success, our support is designed to continuously monitor your progress and address any challenges you may face throughout your educational journey.

Periodic Progress Updates: We will establish a communication schedule to regularly discuss your academic progress, experiences, and any concerns you may have.

Personalized Support: Our advisors will offer tailored advice and guidance based on your unique situation, helping you overcome challenges and adapt to university life more effectively.

Resource Sharing: We will keep you informed about relevant campus resources, support services, and extracurricular opportunities to enrich your university experience and ensure your overall well-being.

Academic Performance Monitoring: Our team will monitor your performance and discuss strategies for improvement and growth, ensuring that you remain on track to achieve your academic goals.

Social and Cultural Integration: We will provide guidance on adjusting to the new social and cultural environment, helping you establish a sense of belonging and thrive in your new surroundings.

Continued Access to Studey Services: As a part of our ongoing support, you will retain access to Studey services and resources throughout your entire educational journey.

We understand that fostering a healthy social life and strong connections with your peers is essential for a well-rounded and enriching university experience. Our Social Support service aims to help you integrate and flourish in your new environment, ensuring that you form meaningful relationships and enjoy a balanced lifestyle.

Cultural Adaptation: We will provide guidance on adapting to the unique cultural nuances and social customs in your new surroundings, enabling you to navigate social interactions with confidence.

Networking Opportunities: Our team will ensure you are well-informed about relevant events, clubs, and societies, encouraging you to engage in activities that align with your interests and values.

Peer Connections: We will assist you in connecting with fellow students, both from your home country and around the world, helping you establish a support network and make friends in your new environment.

Mental Health and Well-being: Recognizing the importance of mental health, we will provide resources and tips on managing stress, coping with homesickness, and maintaining overall well-being throughout your academic journey.

Managing finances is an essential aspect of every international student’s journey, and at Studey, we are committed to providing guidance that promotes financial health and security. We aim to equip you with the necessary knowledge and tools to effectively budget, save, and make informed financial decisions throughout your education.

Cost of Living Guidance: We will offer insights into the cost of living in your destination country, helping you set realistic expectations and make informed decisions about housing, transportation, and daily expenses.

Banking and Financial Services: Our team will provide guidance on opening a bank account, obtaining a debit or credit card, and navigating other essential financial services in your new country.

Money Management Tips: We will share practical tips and strategies for managing your finances effectively, covering topics such as saving money, minimizing expenditures, and avoiding common financial pitfalls.

Emergency Support: In case of unexpected financial challenges, our advisors will be available to offer guidance and provide you with resources to help you regain stability and overcome setbacks.

Academic success is a crucial part of every international student’s experience, and at Studey, we are dedicated to providing the necessary tools and resources for you to excel in your studies. The Academic Support we offer focuses on addressing your individual academic needs and helping you achieve your full potential in your chosen field.

Study Strategies: We will provide personalized advice on effective study methods, time management, and organization techniques to enhance your learning and academic performance.

Resource Recommendations: Our advisors will guide you to useful academic resources, such as textbooks, articles, and online platforms, that will further your understanding and mastery of your chosen subjects.

Academic Tutoring Referrals: If needed, we can connect you with experienced tutors who specialize in your field of study, offering one-on-one assistance to help you overcome any academic challenges.

Feedback and Progress Monitoring: We will regularly check in with you to discuss your academic performance, offering constructive feedback, addressing concerns, and celebrating your accomplishments.

Get ready for this incredible journey

Our dedicated team of advisers and comprehensive support services are designed to guide and empower you throughout this exciting experience. Don’t wait any longer; embark on this life-changing adventure with Studey by your side. Contact us today or sign up for a consultation to discuss your aspirations, and together, we’ll turn your academic dreams into reality.

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