Post-application support

Whatever stage you are in, our advisors can support in your next steps towards your new adventure at university abroad. All our advisors have been International students themselves and are trained to support you in this life-changing journey.

At Studey, we believe in providing ongoing support and nurturing long-term relationships with our students. To ensure your well-being and success, our support is designed to continuously monitor your progress and address any challenges you may face throughout your educational journey.

We understand that fostering a healthy social life and strong connections with your peers is essential for a well-rounded and enriching university experience. Our Social Support service aims to help you integrate and flourish in your new environment, ensuring that you form meaningful relationships and enjoy a balanced lifestyle.
Managing finances is an essential aspect of every international student’s journey, and at Studey, we are committed to providing guidance that promotes financial health and security. We aim to equip you with the necessary knowledge and tools to effectively budget, save, and make informed financial decisions throughout your education.
Academic success is a crucial part of every international student’s experience, and at Studey, we are dedicated to providing the necessary tools and resources for you to excel in your studies. The Academic Support we offer focuses on addressing your individual academic needs and helping you achieve your full potential in your chosen field.