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We support International students to study at Oxford Brookes, from the application to graduation day, ensuring satisfaction is as high as it can be.

Official Oxford Brookes partner since 2019

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A dedicated Student-success team

Our team consistently assesses the essential factors influencing our students’ well-being and satisfaction. We are committed to addressing the challenges you face throughout your university journey by offering tailored solutions for your unique circumstances and collaborating with your university to ensure a smooth and fulfilling experience.


Apply to Oxford Brookes

We are the official recruitment parner of Oxford Brookes University, we provide tailored support for your application to Oxford Brookes. Our approach is designed to maximise the chance of getting an offer for your chosen course at Brookes. We provide comprehensive support from chosing the perfect course for you up to the very gratuation day.

Included in your tuition fees

Post-application support

We work with Oxford Brookes to ensure your transition to University in Oxford goes smoothly. We are dedicated to guarantee a great transition to the start of your journey. Enrolment and first year support provided is included in you tuition fees. We integrate with Oxford Brookes student services to ensure you receive support tailored to your needs while at Brookes.

We want to make every International Student the most enthusiastic and satisfied student.

Drawing on the experience of hundreds of students in our network, we’ve built an ecosystem to ensure student success. We provide ongoing and comprehensive support to International Students to ensure that the enthusiasm and satisfaction of our students is as high as it can be.

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We are a young and growing team united by one mission: making every International student story a successful one.