Course and University Choice

Studey empowers international students in making informed course and university choices through comprehensive guidance, including insightful video series and personalized expert advice. By facilitating interaction with previous and current students, we provide authentic insights into campus life and academic pursuits, enabling each student to confidently embark on their transformative educational journey.

Included in 

Right Course Video Series

Our detailed 5-part video series guides students to identify their interests and align academic pursuits with personal goals.

Right University Video Series

This 5-video series equips students with insights into important facets – entry requirements, location, teaching styles, and campus facilities to refine their university choice.

Expert Advisor Guidance

Our advisors provide personalized guidance to each student, offering recommendations to narrow down course and university choices effectively.

Insights from Previous Students

We provide insights from former international students to impart authentic understanding, aiding students in informed decision-making.

Interaction with Current Students

Facilitating direct communication with current students allows aspirants to gain firsthand knowledge about campus life, creating a vivid image of their future journey

Description and Benefits

At Studey, our course and university decision support is carefully designed to empower students navigating the complexities of international education. Aligning with our mission to champion student success, we offer resources including two comprehensive video series focusing on choosing the right course and university, respectively. These series provide an in-depth exploration of academic opportunities, providing valuable insights that guide students towards decisions that best align with their aspirations.

Our guidance doesn’t stop at video resources. We also provide expert advisor guidance, offering crucial directions based on a student’s personal interests, skills, and academic goals. With insights from previous students and the chance to interact with current students, we immerse prospective international students into authentic experiences of university and campus life. This facilitates holistic understanding and confident decision-making.

By driving an empathetic, inclusive, and innovative approach, we emphasise on individualized guidance for each student. Through Studey’s comprehensive support, international students can confidently make informed decisions, embarking on an educational journey empowered with insights and readiness for success in international education.