UK Postgraduate Application

A comprehensive suite of services designed to guide international students through every step of their UK university application journey. It combines expert guidance, personalized support, and innovative tools to ensure a seamless application process and a successful transition to studying in the United Kingdom.

What's included

Application Portal Support

Application submission Review​

Course and University Choice

IELTS Exam Guidance

Personal Statement Proofreading

Post-Application Resources

Reference Letter Support​

Regular check-ins

VISA Application Support

Your application streamlined in one App


Included in Application Autopilot. Can be purchased individually on Application Pro.

Assisted VISA Application

Bi-weekly Progress Meetings

Course Shortlist

Fully Managed Application

Individual Orientation Coaching

WhatsApp Priority Support

Inclusive packages

Our pricing is transparent and competitive, no hidden fees.

Application Pro

The range of support needed to ensure your application is successful. Include University orientation resources, personal statement proofreading, regular check-ins, VISA support and much more.


Add-ons available for purchase separately.

Application Autopilot

Sit back and relax while your application is taken care of by Studey. Enjoy priority chat, fast-track application and the whole suite of add-ons already included.


All add-ons included.

Frequently asked questions

Some agencies offer application support for free. Why should I pay?

Studey takes care of every detail of the student’s application journey. Unlike most free agencies, which may have hidden fees or offer only basic advice, we provide comprehensive support. We don’t merely offer general advice and consultation; we handle the entire application process, reviewing every detail to ensure a clear and streamlined experience for the student right to the very start of the University program.

Many students turn to Studey after feeling unsatisfied with free-counseling advisory services.

At Studey, we offer a highly tailored service that takes to heart the students’ needs and desires. Our goal is to provide the best advice and support for their university career.

Does applying with Studey enhance my chance of getting an offer?

Indeed, it does. By leveraging Studey’s extensive knowledge and a dedicated team of recruitment advisors, we can significantly enhance your application. We specialize in presenting your profile in the most favorable light, highlighting your strengths and aligning them with the requirements of the desired program.

Furthermore, Studey works directly with the recruitment teams of universities. This collaboration ensures that your application and documentation are handled with care and never get lost in the process. Additionally, our coordination with university teams ensures that all deadlines are met for each step, further increasing your chances of receiving an offer.

Is Studey a registered UCAS centre?

We are. Since 2020, Studey has been recognized as an official UCAS Centre, with advisors who have been expertly trained by the British Council. Additionally, Studey stands as a reputable and trusted agency among our university partners. We are renowned as one of the leading agencies in Europe, boasting the highest rate of student retention compared to any other agencies. This prestigious status reflects our commitment to excellence and the consistent satisfaction of the students who choose to pursue their educational dreams with us.

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We came a long way, from two international students who wanted to facilitate access to International Education, to a team of passionate former International students. We are proudly the favourite choice for Europeans students who want to study abroad.

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With the Studey Basecamp App you will be able to track your entire Application Journey with an easy to use app. Everything you need to keep under control for your application under one single account.

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