Regular check-ins

Studey’s regular check-ins aid the application journey by facilitating chats with expert advisors, connecting with current students, and ensuring streamlined application processes. Strengthened by peer-to-peer interaction and progress tracking, our approach empowers students, ensuring they thrive and achieve their academic goals abroad.

Included in 

Expert Advisor Chat

The check-in process allows students to interact with our advisors, receiving guidance on topics like university applications, course selection, and scholarship opportunities.

Student Connection

We facilitate communication between prospective and current international students, providing firsthand insights into the study abroad experience.

Streamlined Application Process

Our internal connections with universities enable us to expedite the application process, providing real-time updates and documentation support.

Peer-to-Peer Interaction

Through our platform, we foster community and mutual support among students sharing similar aspirations, encouraging shared advice and experiences.

Progress Tracking

Our dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of application status, upcoming tasks, and deadlines, helping students stay on top of their preparation.

Description and Benefits

At Studey, our regular check-ins enhance our commitment to comprehensive support throughout the students’ educational journey. With opportunities to chat with expert advisors and connect with current students, we provide pertinent guidance and real-life insights about studying abroad.

We streamline the application process leveraging our partnerships with universities, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience. The check-in process also encourages peer-to-peer interaction, fostering a sense of community and support. Moreover, students can track their progress with our platform, remaining aware of their upcoming tasks and deadlines.

With a process centered on empathy, inclusivity, and collaboration, we aim to empower students to thrive in their study-abroad endeavors.