Post-Application Resources

Studey’s comprehensive post-application support assists international students in making a smooth transition into the educational system. From addressing accommodation needs, studying methods, grading systems, and cultural shock to providing a post-arrival checklist, job search help, enrollment support, and digital tool proficiency, we ensure students’ study-abroad experience is enriched and transformative.

Included in 

Applying to Accommodation

We guide students through the process of applying for suitable accommodation options, ensuring they find a comfortable and safe living arrangement.

Exploring Accommodation Options

Our team presents various accommodation choices, detailing the pros and cons, empowering student’s decision-making process.

Understanding Study Method

We assist students in comprehending the study methods, equipping them with effective study techniques.

Navigating Education System

Offering comprehensive information about the education system aids in enabling a smoother transition into university life.

Grading System and Assignments

Familiarizing students with the grading system and various academic assignments improves their coursework and assessment performance.

Cultural Shock and Adaptation

We address challenges of cultural shock and help students ease into the foreign environment with tips and strategies.

Post-Arrival Checklist

A comprehensive checklist ensures seamless settlement, offering practical advice on packing, freshers’ week activities, and essential arrival steps.

Finding Part-Time Jobs

Supporting students in finding part-time jobs compatible with their schedules boosts their financial status and offers work experience.

Enrolment Support

Guidance during enrollment assists students in managing administrative tasks like course registration, fee payment, and university induction.

Digital Tools Proficiency

We educate students on using digital tools and platforms utilized in universities, enhancing their digital literacy. 

Description and Benefits

At Studey, we offer comprehensive post-application support characterized by empathy, inclusivity, innovation, and collaboration. From guiding students when applying to accommodations and exploring options to understanding study methods and education system, we provide indispensable knowledge for a smooth transition.

Familiarizing students with the grading system and assignments, addressing cultural shock, providing a post-arrival checklist, aiding in finding part-time jobs, offering enrollment support, and boosting digital tool proficiency, we cover every aspect of the international student’s educational journey.

Through these detailed services, we aim to create a fulfilling, enriching, and transformational study-abroad experience.