Course Shortlist

Studey’s Course Shortlist add-on offers a strategic solution to choosing from an array of courses. Tailored to your unique profile, lifestyle, aptitude, and academic goals, we provide a customized shortlist and compile a detailed spreadsheet with crucial course information. This pragmatic approach ensures a personalized course selection without the overwhelm.

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Course Shortlist

Our Course Shortlist add-on provides a curated list of courses tailored to your unique profile, aptitudes, and academic goals.

Customized Selection

Based on a comprehensive questionnaire, we deliver a tailored selection of courses considering your lifestyle preferences and academic aspirations.

Information Compilation

A comprehensively compiled spreadsheet provides crucial information, including entry requirements and university fees. 

Description and Benefits

With Studey’s Course Shortlist add-on, we simplify the process of choosing from a range of courses. We create a customized shortlist based on an in-depth questionnaire that acknowledges factors like your lifestyle, aptitude, and academic goals. This results in a detailed spreadsheet presenting you with courses that best align with your unique needs.

This pragmatic and strategic approach guarantees you’re presented with options genuinely attuned to your individual profile. The personalized, thoughtful service ensures you are in control of your academic journey without being overwhelmed by multiple choices.