Individual Orientation Coaching

Studey’s Orientation Coaching add-on empowers students with a comprehensive understanding of their course options through individualized sessions, a self-discovery questionnaire, and insightful homework. Expert insights, personalized recommendations, and deep exploration of values and interests guide students towards decisions aligning with their passions, strengths, and aspirations.

Add on available for

Orientation Coaching

Our add-on offers three 1-hour individual coaching sessions, providing expert advice and tailored recommendations regarding your course choice.

Self-Discovery Questionnaire

A reflective questionnaire serves as the foundation for gaining a holistic understanding of your aspirations, values, and abilities.

Personalized Guidance

Our advisors guide you towards decisions that resonate with your unique journey, passions, and strengths through deep exploration.

Exercises and Resources

Meaningful tasks or exercises between sessions deepen self-understanding, enabling you further to craft the path of your academic journey.

Description and Benefits

The Orientation Coaching add-on at Studey transforms your course choice into a stepping stone to your future through three 1-hour individualized sessions. Offering expert insights and personalized recommendations, we empower students to gain a comprehensive understanding of their options.

A reflective self-discovery questionnaire aids in delving deep into your values, interests, and abilities, while meaningful homework/exercises help you maintain momentum in your journey. With a focus on aligning decisions with passions, strengths, and future aspirations, these sessions create a pathway to clarity and purposeful choices.

Our UCAS center status also allows us to access a wide range of resources and tools that further enhance our ability to assist students effectively. Whether it’s providing detailed information about specific universities and courses, clarifying application deadlines, or supporting students with unique circumstances, we have the expertise to address a diverse range of needs.

At Studey, we are committed to supporting international students through every step of the UCAS application process, ensuring that their journey towards studying in the United Kingdom is seamless and successful. We understand that filling out the UCAS application can be a daunting and complex task, especially for international students who may face additional challenges due to varying educational systems, language barriers, and unfamiliarity with the UK application process.